Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuck at home

This morning Brady walked into the bathroom as i stepped out of the shower and he was covered in puke. So was his carpet. Bright pink. I have to say that I was literally crying as I was cleaning it because i cant handle that kind of stuff. My stomach was queasy and i was gagging. Poor boy. We ran by my office and to the store where he got anything he asked for because I am a horrible spoiler, especially if he is sick. He got a rabbit (stuffed), and hot wheels car, and some muffins. I just snapped this photo of him in mommy's bed. I can't make him go in his stank ass room. The carpet cleaners will be here later.
I bought Toro a bone at the store and he ran outside and buried it!! How cute is that? I love him so much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Call today and get one free...PLUS a book light!!!!!

Today I learned about Snuggies. I have not had tv for months so keep this in mind. Apparently these are "old news". I laughed so hard at this commercial today. Seriously, I was laughing for a solid 15 minutes. I still have not gotten over these things. For those of you who are lost (probably no one) go here... After bringing Snuggies up to many different people I was told to check out Ellen's clip on Snuggies.

If you are close to me, expect one of these for Christmas this year. Does it get much better than a blanket with sleeves? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

If I had a snuggie party would anyone come? LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

All the single ladies.....

This post might be one big ramble so brace yourself. I have a lot in my head. This weekend was very nice. The only thing I wish I would have accomplished was cleaning my house but it is so hard with Brady under my feet. I'll get it done sooner or later. Anyways, Saturday morning we went outside and I tackled my yard work. I HATE yard work but i love standing back when i am done knowing that i was the one who made it look decent again. So after the yard work we headed to the barber shop and then to our weekly Target trip. We bought supplies to make a chart for Brady's good behavior and some other random items i "needed". When we got home it started raining and Brady fell asleep. I put in the movie "No Reservations" and it was not near as cheesy as I thought it would be. I cried thru the entire movie and it made me want to hold Brady forever. We hung out at my mother's house Saturday night and Don cooked hamburgers.

Sunday we woke up and I decided we should go spend more money. We took a shower and headed to ToysRus. I bought Brady a drum set with cymbals. That is a sure sign that I have lost my flipping mind. We ran to a few places looking for a punch bowl (why in the hell can't i find one????) and then bought the Beyonce CD. Brady LOVES that song and it makes me laugh so hard watching him dance. Today in the car when Brady threw his hands up (because Beyonce said) I felt this wave of sadness wash over me. It is weird little moments like this that make me wish i had someone to share them with. I know that isn't a milestone by any means but for me it was so damn cute and I was the only one there to appreciate it. ANYWAYS, I took Brady to eat Mexican food, just the two of us, and then we came home to make our poster. (are you wondering when this post is going to wrap up yet?) As you can see below it is almost impossible to read. What was I thinking when i bought glitter? Probably the same thing when I bought the drums. Moving on...after the poster "fun" I decided to take Brady for a ride in the wagon while walking Toro. I had to have looked like the most pathetic person ever! My neighbors were laughing at me. Toro was pulling me and i was pulling Brady. When I made it around the block it took me about 15 minutes to catch my breath.

The rest of the pictures are of Brady dancing in the living room this evening. I put in the infamous Beyonce cd and he went to town. Toro even joined us. I love my boys.

If anyone actually read this all the way thru then I feel sorry for you.

Break dancing maybe???

Have a stupendous week people.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ahh, the life of a mother

So we get home this afternoon and I noticed Toro, the once perfect dog, had found a box in my garage and it was torn into lots of pieces all over my yard. I grabbed the camera and we headed out back to clean. Well, I cleaned. Brady ran with sticks and Toro barked at me.

Could my son's hair be any brighter? lol

My bucket list

I wrote a bucket list over a year ago and I went back to read it today. I have some work to do!

Here is what it said:

Places I want to go before I leave this world:

Seattle – The Elliot Bay Book Company is a must
New York
Cape Cod
Key West , FL
North Carolina

Things I want to accomplish before I leave this world:

financial freedom
marriage and children
See David Gray, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Ray Lamontagne, and Pearl Jam (one more time)
Play the piano

The things in red are all I have accomplished so far. Maybe I will start standing on the side of the road asking for money so I can get started on the rest.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the air.....

Being the good Aunt that I am (yeah right) I let Amy and Micah bring the boys over so they could go eat a Valentine's meal together. My house is now destroyed but Brady loves when his cousins come over. I ordered us a heart shaped pizza pie and I will say that I was sort of embarrassed when they delivered it. I felt like a dousche bag but I just had to get one!! Tomorrow I have a craw fish boil at my cousin's and Monday I am off work. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

This is my idea of love.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Brown chicken brown cow.......

I dedicate this post to Mallary Musgrove. Her old ass turned 26 yesterday. Mal, you are officially in your late twenties. You might want to start looking into burial plots.

This week Direct TV came out and hooked me up with some television. Before they left they managed to leave my gate open after I told them TWICE to make sure they closed it because I have a dog that would love nothing more than to run into the wild. Good ole Toro escaped and I could not find him for several hours. I just bought his ID tag this past weekend and it was still in my purse. I need a spanking. Anywho, after getting a ride to pick up Brady (my car was in the shop to make matters worse) I saw some kids walking him along 1960. The little shit went far. I should rename him Alexander Supertramp. Thank goodness he came back. I was very sad and mad at myself. His tags are on and I gave him a good talking. I guess this is what happens when you adopt a dog who ran away from home. I wonder just how many homes he has really had.

I am going to go home tonight and set up my internet. I had some issues with my phone line but they are coming out to fix it today. I think the actual line is laying in a pile in my backyard thanks to Hurricane Ike. Hopefully it is an easy fix. I will post some pictures if so of Brady. I got some cute ones of him in the bathtub last night.

Ok, now that you are bored to tears, goodbye until next time.

Mallary, word to your mother.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday morning blues

Nothing too exciting to report from this weekend. Shopped some and went to Mack and Jason's Saturday night for some Wii. Sunday we stayed in most of the day napping and reading.

My largest purchase of the weekend....FINALLY I OWN A COMPUTER!!!! Direct TV comes tomorrow to hook us up. I have gone almost 8 months with no tv. It has not been too bad but now that it is so close to being here I am SO excited. I miss lazy tv days on the couch.
Mack and Nick

My little prince

My other little prince

I hope everyone has a nice week.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few recommendations

First off let me say that I have become obsessed with my new camera. I only wish I had my computer at home already so I could start learning what it is I am doing. (I am calling AT&T today to set up a time for them to come hook me up with everything.) I find myself walking around the house taking pictures of random things just trying different angles and messing with different lights and shadows. Brady is tired of it, I'm almost sure. He better get used to it.

So i finished this book the day before yesterday:
and it was SOOOOOO good. It made me all emotional like no book has ever done before, and I read a lot of books. Last night I watched "Pride and Glory". Edward Norton (yummy) and Colin Farrel (spelling?). Good movie, check it out.

OK, get to work and stop reading blogs. Peace out.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Booty shaking, baby sitting, and Superbowl

This weekend was a nice one. The only thing I would have liked more of is sleep! I am a walking zombie today. Friday night Dawn and myself set out for Pappasitos (where I realized how much of a light weight Dawn really is!) then headed to the Humble cook off. Free beer and a DJ. Need I say more?
Dawn is drinking red wine out of a plastic cup....classy!

Saturday a very hungover Kati dropped the dog off at the dog spa then was picked up by Mack and Jason to go camera shopping! First we had to go have lunch and margaritas because I needed to feel human again. We headed to Chuy's and enjoyed good drinks and a waitress with far too much energy for someone who was in my mindset. We headed to Best Buy and I bought myself a Nikon D60. That moment was probably the highlight of my weekend. We then headed to Pappasitos because i needed a drink to recover from spending that kind of money. (Brady was in good hands and I promise I never really felt a buzz). Saturday night Amie brought her kids over for me to babysit so she could go out. I loved having a baby in the house and Gracie helped entertain Brady.

Making Toro model for my new camera

I love this one. Those eyes scream love! (or annoyance)

Slumber party!!!!!
I might have an obsession with my dog....

Sunday when Brady got home from his father's we went to Target to spend more money. Brady slept in the cart the entire time so it wasn't too fun for me. I had to pick out motorcycles for him all on my own. We got a new big boy booster seat and some Stella and headed to the Superbowl party. There were so many kids there and it was pouring and so I was not able to take any pictures. I was too busy tying to keep up with Brady in between stuffing my face.
Is it Friday yet?????