Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last weekend as part of my month long birthday celebration- Kaci, Connie, Haley, and myself headed to The Woodlands to see Coldplay. We had amazing seats, only 10 rows back. The show was super de duper. He sang Green Eyes and that is all I have ever wanted from him. They covered Billy Jean, one of my favorite MJ songs.

I had the next day off from work and Jeff and I were able to spend the day together before he left for Cabo. We attempted the social security office but we didn't last long. They should really try to implement some other way of doing things. It is ridiculous to wait for hours for something that only takes minutes to do. Don't get me started on the sights and smells.
I have Kaci's housewarming party and Amy's baby shower to plan, all taking place in August. Garner is next week. I will be happy when the boys get back in school so we can have our routine back. Austin starts football and Brady starts soccer.
I am getting new car fever. That is never a good thing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding picture peak

I'll admit my wedding pictures overwhelm me. There are so many great ones and I want to share them all with the world but it is taking me forever to do so. Here are just a couple of my favorites.
Jeff is leaving me for a week tomorrow morning to go to Cabo with his boy toys. Brady is going with his dad all weekend. I have no clue what to do with myself. I'm thinking a chic flick and margaritas by the pool. It should be a nice relaxing weekend. I hope yours is as well. I'll try posting more pictures or a link to see them all later.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free spirits aint setting no one's spirits free.....

I realize I need to update my blog but let's face it, I'm too busy being the best little wifey I can be. (bahahahaha)
I thought I'd post a picture from the weekend and this was my favorite. We went to my grandmother's house and she gave Toro her little dog bed and Toro made it work. Could he be any cuter?
Wedding pictures are here. I just need to upload them and post some for the world to see. They turned out great! Johanna exceeded my expectations.
I better get back to work.

Word to your mothers.