Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cold weather blows

This week has been far from exciting. It has also dragged on for what feels like forever. I do not have too much to say. I just don't feel like tackling the large pile of work on my desk. I have an exciting weekend ahead of me and an exciting few weeks to come. I am doing a small remodel in my kitchen. New counter tops, back splash, and sink/faucet. I will also be making a long overdue purchase of a computer and getting cable as well. Brady and i will be out of the stone ages finally.

I don't like posting without a picture so I found an old one. It was before Brady went and got all complicated on me. :) Check back for weekend pictures, there should be some good ones.

Friday, January 23, 2009


This morning after Brady woke up I turned on my stereo to some good ole Foo Fighters. I went about my morning and after I was finished drying my hair I walked around the corner and found Brady dancing with his guitar in the living room. It was so funny. I grabbed my camera and got some shots. These are not great because it takes my camera forever and a day to snap a picture but maybe Santa will bring me a nice digital SLR this year.

I had to throw in some Toro love this morning as well....

Brady leaving his guitar behind so we could leave.....


I hope everyone has a super weekend. I am so happy this work week is almost to an end.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toro the Wonder Dog!!

Real quick because I am slammed at work....Haley, Brady, and myself set out on Saturday to go check out all of the local dog adoption venues. There were 3 that we knew of. We went to the first two and although there were some rather sad and pathetic looking eyes none of the dogs stole my heart. When we got out at the last place, Toro was the first dog we saw. There was a man asking all about him so I figured he was going to be adopted, but the man walked away and I snagged him! The lady had to follow me home so she could confirm I had a secure yard and then she left him with us. He is approximately four years old. He is already potty trained. He pretty much just lays around. He does get super excited when we get home from leaving him alone. He weighs 55 pounds and he is solid. He looks like an overgrown weiner dog mixed with Basset Hound. Now I just have to get used to dog hair in my life again.....

He sneaks up on the couch when I am out of the room.

Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Batman returns......

Happy Tuesday. I am about to ramble here because I need to clear my mind before I get to work. First of all, Brady did not cry for the first time today when I dropped him off with "Nanny". I did have to bribe him not to cry and he did kiss me seven times before he finally let go of my neck. He also had the bottom lip of doom sticking out for me as I walked out. One last dagger to the heart before I come to work. Speaking of work, no one in my office seems to ever work one full work week. Every single day it seems like someone is calling in sick. We have 4 people in our office. It is rather annoying. I think I'll call in sick tomorrow. OK, enough complaining for one morning. Look how cute Brady was last night modeling for all of you readers. (All 3 of you) He did not want to wear the pants because Brady doesn't like wearing pants.

This morning when he woke up I asked him if he wanted to go potty. He of course said "No" so I told him if he went,he would get a sucker. He shot up and ran to the bathroom and we tried standing up and sitting down and then he started crying and wanted to stop. Sometimes I wonder if he is going to be 7 and still wearing a pull up.
One last thing to mention before I go make a cup of coffee, if you like reading and/or a good laugh you must get a copy of Chelsea Handler's "Are You There Vodka, it's me Chelsea". I read this book last night and I have never laughed so hard. I could not put it down until I was finished because it was just that funny.
Peace out....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My cube.....

Welcome back Kati. It feels good to be surrounded by 3 walls again. Maybe one year I will upgrade to 4 walls with a door that locks. They probably know better than that though.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Woo wee

2009 is treating me well!! Friday morning at work we had a meeting and it was decided that I would move back to my cubicle. Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that sitting in the lobby is a death wish for any company. If Kati isn't happy then no one walking in that door will be happy for long.

This morning I took out my trash and walked over to my mailbox to drop my Netflix movies in and there was a single envelope for me. Inside the envelope was $1200.00 from my insurance company to replace my kitchen counter tops. I am SO excited to tell my blue Formica counter tops goodbye. I will not miss them even a little. I love my house more and more everyday, this will be just another reason I will never want to leave. I plan on getting cable soon too. I have lived without it long enough. I love reading but shit, I need some HGTV already.

OK, enough of my rambling for one morning.