Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Galveston - September 2011

We stayed a weekend in Galveston a few weeks ago so we could participate in the Beach Palooza. All I will say about the Palooza is "bleh". I finished though. I think I'll stick to running on pavement.

Jeff and I stayed at The Galvez for the first time. It was a beautiful hotel. I loved the rooms. The bedding was magnificent and the bathroom shower was amazing.
(This is the spiciest bloody mary mix of all time, FYI.)
The reason for this blog post was brunch. Mallary told me we had to try it and so we made reservations for Sunday before we left. I WAS IN FOOD HEAVEN. I wish I would have taken pictures of the food but I didn't want to look like a crazy person. So I took pictures of some of my plates.
The pasta bar was hands down my favorite part. You could choose from different pastas and sauces and there were so many veggies and add ons. I could have stayed at that little station all day. In fact I want to go now.
Jeff, don't look so hungover.
That would be my ice cream with floating gummy bears.
If anyone reading this has the chance to go to The Galvez for brunch, please do! Jeff and I will definitely be back!