Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a wonderful looong week at the farm. Brady and I left Monday night and Jeff and Austin came up after Austin's school dismissed Tuesday. I did a lot of reading and eating. I made a french silk pie from scratch that was so yummy. I took the boys in my car and rode around the property and we took a lot of pictures. I needed some of them together for our Christmas card and some are definitely frame worthy. Here are some of the out'll have to wait to get my beautiful card in the mail to see the final pictures we chose.

Brady loves holding the babies in our family. He tells me all the time he wants a baby sister or a baby brother, it's starting to weird me out. lol

I can't post without giving some Cate love.

Last night after Brady came home we went to the Dayton Volunteer Fire Dept. where they were selling Christmas trees and the boys picked out this beautiful tree. My living room smells so yummy right now. I am still not satisfied with the decorations, I have another trip or two to make to Target and I'll be good.

Tomorrow Kaci and I have a shopping spree planned and Thursday it's off to Austin for me. PW here I come!! I CANNOT wait to meet her. I'll have a special post dedicated to her after the book signing. I hope she lets me move in with her after it's over. (I am aware of my issues.)
I am taking to boys to the Polar Express this weekend where we'll take the train to the North Pole, they are gonna love it!
Until next week....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Austin's surprise party...

Brace yourself for this one. There are lots of pictures to see.
We surprised Austin with a birthday party Sunday. He was very shocked to see the large crowd of people standing outside when he rounded the corner. He was embarrassed, it was rather cute.
We had the Reptile Wrangler come to the house and she brought all sorts reptiles for the kids to hold and learn about. They played games, beat the heck out of two pinatas, played more games, had some cupcakes, and then played more games. It was a very fun day and Austin was thrilled to say the least!

This is how we all felt once everyone finally left!

Next up.....Mississippi this weekend for a wedding and some Jeff and Kati time, woo!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I cannot wait for dressing and pie. YUM. As always we have been going non stop. Football is over and Soccer will be before long. We are heading out of town next weekend for my cousin's wedding in Mississippi. Jeff and I have never been to Biloxi so we are going to make a mini vaca out of it. If you need me I'll be at the roulette wheel. Please don't bother me unless it's urgent.

Happy birthday Austin! (Nov. 9)